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Queen of the Ryche
is fleeing the scene
find.gif 04-18-2005 1,510 03-18-2011 February 19, 1968 50 open-minded right winger with a gun and a smileBeautiful COmommying, riding the Harley, writing, drinking, shooting, live music, dirt biking, fishing, eating, drinking, fishing......paper shuffler extraodinaire
Knight of the Oval-Shaped Conference Table
find.gif 01-29-2002 375 N/A       
Hypercharismatic Telepathical Knight
find.gif 08-21-2007 365 01-02-2008   I like a good fudgecicle now and then.The armpit of the Universe... Augusta, GAEating fudgecicles... now and then.Wouldn't you like to know?
A b**** of the highest caliber
find.gif 12-10-2009 114 02-11-2010   learning to live less vicariouslyLand of Enchantmentsarcasm, literature, hiking, musicIT Disinformation
Q baby
I'll just put the tip in
find.gif 10-14-2006 39 N/A    NC  
Confounded Conjuror
find.gif 04-15-2004 33 04-29-2004 June 19, 1983 35 just ask :o)Corpus Christi Texasreading, meeting new people, chatting, spending time with my bf, watching tv...umm and lots morechild care
Soylent Greenhorn
find.gif 10-24-2006 25 12-01-2006    Here, sort of..  
Lead Subordinate
find.gif 11-23-2007 15 12-07-2011       
find.gif 12-30-2005 10 10-16-2009   single and staring 40 in the face!NE Ohiomaking messes, my 4 legged crittersAdmin
Person Who Has Posted
find.gif 06-16-2003 2 07-31-2003       
Dr. Hollywood~
find.gif 09-26-2006 2 09-26-2006   I'm a doctor, a God, and immune to cancer. And I love Marik Ishtar.DA IslandMarik Ishtar, crazy fun, day dreaming, YGO yaoi, train track dancing, jokes, internet, live/greatestjournal, make up, anime, lolita, manga, theme days, groups, my cat Bunnshkins, movies, random fun, pictures, languages, music, being with MarikDoctor
Kinda New Member
find.gif 06-03-2002 1 06-03-2002       
Kinda New Member
find.gif 10-06-2002 1 10-12-2002 December 8, 1982 36  Toronto  
Kinda New Member
find.gif 06-12-2003 1 N/A       
Kinda New Member
find.gif 06-10-2008 1 07-02-2008       
Kinda New Member
find.gif 01-08-2014 1 01-08-2014       
Kinda New Member
  09-17-2018 0 09-17-2018   I'm a watch lover and addicted to watches by their style as well as the elegance of their bodyMumbaiMusic, DanceChef
Kinda New Member
  03-15-2018 0 03-15-2018   I will not let my teammates down and I will not let myself down.MumbaiCookingBlogger
Kinda New Member
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