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infinite monkey 05-22-2015 01:38 PM

Wow. I've always loved Strawberry Letter # 23...I think it's one of the prettiest funky songs I've ever heard (I had that 45 too!) It's hard for me to pick out particulars in arrangements, though I was taught how to try by my hearing the bass part isolated then listening again to the song. Just wow. It's so damn intricate. Thanks UT!

infinite monkey 05-22-2015 01:38 PM

PS. what is making that clicky sound? Some kind of percussion, but what?

Undertoad 05-22-2015 02:39 PM

In the right channel during the verses? Don't know, it's a woodblock on the left, maybe just sticks on the right.

BigV 05-22-2015 08:03 PM

no, what video?


I replied.

then, some time later,

I discovered, no, the cellar discovered for me, that there were more replies beyond the last post on an arbitrary page. the last page I saw, not the last post in the thread. D'oh!!!!

Gravdigr 06-09-2015 02:21 PM

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Mary Ellen Trainor - the mother in "The Goonies" - the psychiatrist in all four "Lethal Weapon" movies - appeared in tons of shows and movies - dead at 62.

Attachment 52013

xoxoxoBruce 06-09-2015 05:48 PM

IMDb says born in 1950.

Undertoad 06-09-2015 06:15 PM

Parker Lewis's mom? Noooooo

Gravdigr 06-10-2015 11:41 AM


Originally Posted by xoxoxoBruce (Post 930723)
IMDb says born in 1950.

Wikipedia says 1952.

Now what?

xoxoxoBruce 06-10-2015 03:15 PM

You gave us the IMDb link, so go stand in the corner. :p:

Gravdigr 06-11-2015 12:29 PM

Christopher Lee, dead, at how-ever-old-he-was.

Gravdigr 06-11-2015 12:41 PM

Also, Ornette Coleman...

Sundae 06-14-2015 04:33 PM

Shit, Christopher Lee?
I had him on my Celebrity Death List in 2012...

Not that that's the only reason to mourn his passing this year of course.

limey 06-14-2015 05:41 PM


Sent by thought transference

Gravdigr 06-19-2015 11:30 AM

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Rick Ducommun, Tom Hanks' neighbor in "The 'Burbs", died last Friday.

Wiki page

footfootfoot 06-21-2015 08:46 AM

Crap. Comedy takes a serious body blow:

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