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lumberjim 06-25-2019 11:47 AM

Thing about losing weight is that you can't quit cold turkey.

Gravdigr 06-25-2019 12:54 PM


Originally Posted by lumberjim (Post 1034698)
Stop buying them

...and bumming them.

I went to the store to get cigs (Winston Reds, what did/do you guys smoke?), and the woman said "That'll be $1.03."

The previous day they were 78 cents.

I told her no thanks. And I haven't bought another pack.

Well, one pack in jail. But I didn't smoke them, I sold 'em.:yelgreedy

lumberjim 06-25-2019 01:05 PM

Camel light. Although they're not allowed to call them light anymore. Blue.

Last 2 times I smoked Marlboro light /gold. Red when I first started. Winston's are dry and horrible. I'd go without first.

henry quirk 06-25-2019 06:06 PM

"what did/do you guys smoke?"
Largo or Four Aces or Smoker's Friendly tobacco + Gambler's or Smoker's Friendly King tubes = (by way of a Tops cigarette maker) fine, cheap, coffin nails.

Coffee & cigarettes: a way of life.

lumberjim 06-25-2019 08:40 PM

In chapter 9 he's talking about inner avatars. Describing them the way Tolle describes the ego. They want to live! They'll fight you. Thinking is hard. You have to be honest. You have to have internal dialogs. All that. Then he says the only thing harder than thinking is Not thinking.

I lolled.

xoxoxoBruce 06-26-2019 12:41 AM

Camels, then Marlboros for a few years, back to camels, then filtered Camels. After 57 years I quit because of shortness of breath but that turned out to be a heart problem and a pacemaker/defibrillator took care of that. But stayed off them for 4 years then back to Camel filters. Some people claim there's a woman to blame, but I know it's my own damn fault. After a year of $80 a week I switched to vaping, which is cleaner, loaded with poison(nicotine), and killing me cheaper, but not before replacing the battery in the heart box for $265,000.

Bottom line, quitting cold turkey (gave away 3/4 of a carton) was not a problem if there was a good reason.

lumberjim 06-26-2019 05:57 AM

Last night I was listening to Peterson read his book. Amanda came out and said, "is that Saul Goodman?"

I thought he was so familiar because he looks a lot like Neegan. But it's his voice! Jimmy Mc Gill. Bob Odenkirk. Yup.

lumberjim 06-26-2019 06:59 AM

And now as I listen, I'm picturing Saul in a garish suit, addressing a jury. Sheesh.

lumberjim 06-27-2019 09:11 AM

Finished this last night. He comes so close, but always veers away one sentence short of overlapping Tolle. Several times.

I wonder if he's aware of Tolle and discredits him, or he just never heard him speak.

He's far too absorbed in details and intricacy and history to see the forest for the trees.

He said in the final chapter that when all this reason collapses, you're left with the being that notices. This is the closest he got to the core of Tolle's point.

Still pretty good way to train your egoic mind if you can't find your being.

lumberjim 06-27-2019 09:28 AM

if you've seen Better Call Saul, or Breaking bad, you recognize the voice.

Gravdigr 06-27-2019 12:11 PM

Kinda. At times.

Undertoad 06-27-2019 07:45 PM

I'ma have to read/watch more Tolle to more see what's up

lumberjim 06-28-2019 08:05 AM

He's a good teacher. I paid money to subscribe to his YouTube premium channel. Lots of Q&A there. He pauses and blinks after most questions. I heard him say once that when he's doing that, what he's doing internally is admitting to himself that he doesn't know the answer, and allowing his thinking mind to cease, making room for the answer to arise from being.

Sometimes it's a long long pause.

Undertoad 06-28-2019 10:07 AM

Does Tolle ever talk about purpose? Working out why we get out of bed in the morning?

lumberjim 06-28-2019 12:22 PM

His answer to that is typically that our purpose is to bring awareness to the universe. See meaning of life post above.

But he does occasionally say that presence doesn't interfere with ambition, it just makes it easier to be precise in your deeds.

If you're not basing your goals on misunderstood reality, you're more likely to achieve real success.

And misunderstood reality comes from too much past or future occluding your perception.

Paraphrasing from many videos I've seen here.

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