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kerosene 05-31-2005 04:11 PM

The Sex Thread
Okay, here it is. The place where we can talk about our experiences and such regarding sex. I would advise that people just refrain from attacking others on this thread, just because it is suppose to be about "lovin"...not "hatin" :blush:

So, someone start...

Don't be shy!

Brett's Honey 05-31-2005 05:15 PM

Well....okay goes...
I've been with my husband since the day we met, 3 years ago, moved in with him 7 months later, married him one year after I moved in. When we met, I was 44 and he was 42. In the beginning, for about the first year, we didn't even get out of bed until well after noon on the week-ends, and we weren't sleeping! Now...I'm 47, he's 45, and some months we may only have sex 2 or 3 times. Is it menopause... age...just the new wearing off?? He says he's fine with the frequency, so unless men go through some sort of their own menopause, it shouldn't be that. There are still times when we get wild and crazy, usually after some partying, but not on a regular basis anymore. We're happy and comfortable with each other and it doesn't really bother me, but obviously I do think about it. It's such a change from 3 years ago. Normal??

elSicomoro 05-31-2005 06:24 PM

Case, you fucking a bag of shit! :)

Sun_Sparkz 05-31-2005 06:52 PM

sycamore.. am i noticing a trend here?

elSicomoro 05-31-2005 06:54 PM

You saw the smiley, right? Besides, I like Case. :)

lookout123 05-31-2005 07:01 PM

syc just thinks he has a shot at that hottie because he lives closer now.

staceyv 05-31-2005 07:46 PM

A sex thread- what an awesome idea! :biggrin:

My sex life isn't much to talk about. One of the reasons I knew my husband was "the one" is because he isn't a very horny guy. I cannot stand men who always want to have sex- every single day, even more than once a day. It's fine when you first meet, but after a week of that, it gets kind of old. I can't be with a high-testosterone horny guy.

My husband wants it every 7-10 days. And what I love the most about his style is that he takes it when he wants it. He'll chase me around, rip my clothes off, grab me, and pretty much give me no choice but to give in and let him have it- I love that! If he just asked me for it, 99% of the time I would say "I'm tired, I'm busy, I just did my hair"- I'm full of excuses.
He doesn't hear excuses- he gets it- and once we're in the act, I start thinking "God, I'm so glad he started this because now I'm loving it"
He is SO perfect for me as far as sexual compatibility goes. He is the only guy that could get me to have sex everyday, if he wanted to.- oh, and even though he doesn't require a lot of sex, if I ever asked him to hook me up :yum: he'd be ready in an instant.

My last long term relationship was a mess because of my low libido. He felt rejected, he sat around and pouted because he listened to my stupid excuses and he never got any. He wasn't man enough to take what he wanted. He complained endlessly about the lack of sex we had. The more he complained, the less I wanted it. It ultimately destroyed us.

My ex-husband didn't complain- he cheated on me.

I'm so happy that I'm in a sexually compatible relationship- it really is very, very important.

Clodfobble 05-31-2005 09:21 PM

My husband and I are usually about every 3-5 days (except of course during my "fertile days" because we've been trying to get me pregnant for awhile now, but that's a whole 'nother thread...) I could easily go less frequently, and he's happy whenever it's more frequent, but where we're at is a pretty good balance for both of us. He knows that 90% of the time it doesn't happen, it's his own damn fault for staying up late--he could have me every evening at 8:00 if he wanted, but when he comes to bed at 1:00 in the morning he gets nothing because I've already been asleep for 3 hours.

Anyone ever had to politely suggest to a boyfriend that he might be gay? I've done that.

lumberjim 05-31-2005 09:44 PM


elSicomoro 05-31-2005 10:29 PM


Originally Posted by lookout123
syc just thinks he has a shot at that hottie because he lives closer now.

Well, I AM single again...

I ain't getting all nitty gritty with you bitches, but...

I've slept with 5 women, and have fucked around with 5 more. I've had good sex, okay sex and bad sex. I've never been one to sleep around, and have been in love (or at least, thought I was in love) with those I slept with. Now that I'm single again, I've thought of having sex with no commitment, but that's just not my style...never has been. Earlier this month, I got an HIV test, which came back negative. I wasn't super concerned that I might have it, but you just never know.

Mrs. Sycamore is out there...some woman is going to be able to put up with my shit...and vice versa. But I'm in no hurry. Until then, there's always jerking off.

LCanal 05-31-2005 11:29 PM

Hey Syc,

I'll offer you the same as I did to Brianna as you seem to be a soul in need.

I have a vacant small studio, Ok one room, above a bar in Bangkok if you need a break. Just spend some money in the bar.
There you can fall in love every day or twice a day or if you just fancy DIY at least you can find someone to do that for you.

Brianna has first refusal. On the studio.

Carbonated_Brains 06-01-2005 01:29 AM

LCanal, I feel like taking a chlorine shower after reading that post.

LCanal 06-01-2005 02:29 AM

Alone or with Noi and her sister?

LCanal 06-01-2005 02:34 AM


--he could have me every evening at 8:00 if he wanted, but when he comes to bed at 1:00 in the morning he gets nothing because I've already been asleep for 3 hours.
Hmm. Got me to thinking about my routine. That seems to be our pattern over the last few weeks.

The thing is the post sex cuddle stuff. Is "Ok but I'm not sleepy, I'm going to watch another hour of Discovery before I go to sleep" acceptable? I'll give it a try and see.

staceyv 06-01-2005 07:59 AM

Anyone ever had to politely suggest to a boyfriend that he might be gay? I've done that.[/QUOTE]

I didn't say anything, but I have to wonder about the guy I dated for 2 1/2 years- the one that complained about our sex life all the time and turned me off-
This IS the sex thread, so I won't censor myself- he introduced me to the world of sex toys. He bought a strap on penis for me to use on him. I had to get drunk first- and I just couldn't wear the goddamn thing. I felt SO weird with a friggin penis strapped on and there was no way I was gonna hump him like a man...So I had to use it as a hand tool for him...He LOVED it up the ass...He used to stick things up there even when he was alone masturbating. And speaking of anal fixations, he'd eat mine if I let him, and he was always giving himself enemas. Yeah, maybe he had some homosexual tendencies...

He was one kinky MF...

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