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lumberjim 08-29-2019 11:57 AM

Router booster or repeater
The new wifi router is at the front of the house. I need signal in my garage 80 feet away. So I was looking at the kind that repeats through the electrical wiring system.

The guy that installed recommended Orbi. Not sure if that would get out that far and it's not cheap.

Anyone have one of these set up?

Gravdigr 08-29-2019 04:05 PM

There are lots of directional antenna plans on that interweb thingy.


Boy, they got a lot of stuff on that internet.

lumberjim 08-29-2019 04:47 PM

Yeah, ordered a net gear repeater, but was wondering about the Orbi. Over $200 so it must work, I just don't think I need that level of mesh signal... Just range.

Flint 08-29-2019 05:09 PM

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How far can you beam a wifi repeater signal?

I've got a big workshop with no internet. Not sure of the distance, picture here:

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