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Undertoad 08-03-2019 01:45 PM

Graham's hierarchy of disagreement

Noticed on Paul Graham's Wikipedia page thought it was interesting

sexobon 08-03-2019 05:25 PM

Graham's hierarchy of disagreement - Improved
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Griff 08-04-2019 08:51 AM

Graham is an idiot.

xoxoxoBruce 08-04-2019 10:54 AM

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No, Graham is smart, did you know every time someone uses his hierarchy they have to send him 25 cents? And if they publish the whole pyramid they have to send a dollar? Picture Scrooge McDuck.

lumberjim 08-14-2019 02:42 AM


Originally Posted by Griff (Post 1036492)
Graham is an idiot.

I don't care for your tone.....

Shit, skipped a level....

How the hell would you know, neck beard?

Flint 08-14-2019 04:48 PM

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This Zoidberg meme encompasses, like, the bottom 4 levels?

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