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xoxoxoBruce 03-16-2017 07:31 PM

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You could do this, just grab that big old tree in the park and whack it up. ;)

xoxoxoBruce 03-17-2017 09:10 PM

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Another chance to be off your rocker... as if you needed an invitation.:rolleyes:

Griff 03-18-2017 10:16 AM

That looks wicked comfortable. Tiger maple, I guess?

BigV 03-18-2017 01:32 PM

the wood does look beautiful.

xoxoxoBruce 03-19-2017 03:13 PM

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Why settle for a trellis or arbor, when you can have a portal...

xoxoxoBruce 03-20-2017 02:25 AM

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It's probably comfortable but just looking at it makes me wants to get the Band-Aids. :eyebrow:

xoxoxoBruce 03-20-2017 09:45 PM

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These tables, sometimes with the benches, seem to be a popular item. You'd need a big room or big closed it porch because nobody in their right mind is going to leave that on the patio. I'm also concerned the rough bark edges will run my pantyhose with how short my skirts are.

classicman 03-20-2017 11:27 PM

Woah... those are mindblowing.

Griff 03-21-2017 07:09 AM

Bruce in a mini?

xoxoxoBruce 03-21-2017 08:55 AM

Not without pantyhose, that would be obscene.

xoxoxoBruce 03-21-2017 08:19 PM

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I guess this is for the politician who wants to stump his/her constituents, but realizes they might have to get out of town in a hurry...

xoxoxoBruce 03-22-2017 10:34 PM

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Another one of those giant tables. While the shiny finish is good protection it's not my cup of tea.

glatt 03-23-2017 10:28 AM

I also like a thinner finish that lets you feel the wood texture. These french polish finishes take a lot of work too.

Our dining room table is a little discolored from hot pizza boxes being placed directly on it with no hot pad. That steam coming through the cardboard and the heat make the finish a little cloudy. You can be diligent for years and then just forget one time, and the finish gets messed up.

Gravdigr 03-23-2017 03:45 PM

A pizza?!?!

We need your delivery guys around here.

xoxoxoBruce 03-26-2017 08:54 PM

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You can fool the ladies and children with a bench and some tools/wood chips on the floor. But if you want to impress the big boys you need... :lol:

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