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xoxoxoBruce 03-10-2019 01:07 PM

Line it with solar collectors then spray the squirrels with hot water. :evil2:

Glinda 03-10-2019 01:24 PM

This talk of conservatories reminds me that I need to go see what's going on in my greenhouse. The weather has been on and off snow for a few weeks, but today (and going forward) we're going to have 50+ degree weather (YAY!). Time to see what my overwintered plants are doing in there. :flower:

Gravdigr 03-11-2019 07:57 PM

Black Cherry Kool-Aid

limey 03-12-2019 02:45 PM


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sexobon 03-12-2019 04:11 PM

Neat; or, on the rocks?

Gravdigr 03-13-2019 09:00 AM

Shasta Cola - on the rock. Yep just one. But it's a big one.

Gravdigr 03-14-2019 12:52 PM

Schweppe's Ginger Ale w/a splash of Ocean Spray Cranberry/Blackberry juice, man every drink, I say to myself "This rocks!"

jkg 03-15-2019 08:00 AM

turkish coffee

BigV 03-15-2019 11:32 PM


Just finished two Turkish coffees, mine and Twil's. The slight taste of cardamom is a pleasant change.

Gravdigr 03-16-2019 02:15 PM

Ginger ale (Stars & Stripes, tis the bleurgh, but the 'rents brought it in on the cheap, 3 liters for something under a dollar. It tastes like it came from under a buck, too.:greenface)

BigV 03-16-2019 03:22 PM

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At Chinook's last night before the competition, Twil and I each had a cocktail. She ordered a "Fisherman's Lemonade" which is lemonade and Midori and vodka (I think, no doubt about the Midori though). I ordered mumblemuble something Spiked Lemonade, which turned out to be cranberry with our friend vodka on board. The drinks were very tasty, but the most interesting thing in my opinion was how closely they resembled a pair of lowball glasses we have at home.

You be the judge:

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Gravdigr 03-17-2019 06:30 AM


fargon 03-17-2019 09:34 AM

Cold brew coffee on the rocks.

Gravdigr 03-17-2019 09:50 AM

100% fat free skim milk:greenface

Undertoad 03-17-2019 09:54 AM

don't do it. go whole or go water

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