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xoxoxoBruce 06-18-2016 12:01 AM

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Machine guns mounted on a Zeppelin in 1916. I assume an anti-aircraft measure.

Gravdigr 06-18-2016 12:50 PM


Originally Posted by xoxoxoBruce (Post 962525)
I assume an anti-aircraft measure.


xoxoxoBruce 06-18-2016 10:21 PM

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Another B-24 in trouble...

Gravdigr 06-21-2016 02:54 PM

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Attachment 57120

Gravdigr 07-01-2016 03:50 PM

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So, earlier today while I was working on today's 'This Day In History' post, I was interrupted by what sounded like a helicopter landing in my backyard.

It turned out to be a helicopter landing in my backyard!

Well, not quite my backyard, but, close enough:

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It was the Air Evac Lifeteam out of Bowling Green, Kentucky.

I don't know what they were doing. They weren't picking up a patient. They were there 30-45 minutes, and then they just flew away.

Attachment 57239

Attachment 57240

Attachment 57241

It may have been a meet-and-greet-look-at-our-fancy-chopper-type thing for the new tenants at the little factory behind my house.

Made for an interesting Friday morning, if nothing else.

xoxoxoBruce 07-01-2016 04:18 PM

Maybe it was a warning to the factory people if you get hurt we'll fly you out of here, deny you ever worked here and your family will never see you again. :haha:

Griff 07-01-2016 05:29 PM

That might be a newly designated LZ? We have one maybe a half mile from here. It'd be nice if they could see them under ideal conditions.

xoxoxoBruce 07-01-2016 11:13 PM

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No no, these fokkers were messerschmitts...

Gravdigr 07-02-2016 11:03 AM


Originally Posted by Griff (Post 963639)
That might be a newly designated LZ? We have one maybe a half mile from here. It'd be nice if they could see them under ideal conditions.

That's a thought, but, it's less than a mile, as the chopper flies, from the hospital helipad.

BigV 07-04-2016 03:15 PM

that video of the guy balancing his pet jet like you balance a broom on your fingertip was cool. but you have to give this guy props (nyuknyuknyuk). his connection with his similarly scaled r/c aircraft is scary-good. I finally figured out the differential paint scheme on the opposite wing surfaces. it helps him distinguish which direction it "local up". Otherwise, there's gonna be some free haircuts.

xoxoxoBruce 07-10-2016 07:19 PM

The XB-36
Guess it didn't take long to figure out that wasn't a good idea. :rolleyes:

Gravdigr 07-11-2016 04:53 PM

He caught the last cable, and it snapped. That'll fill your flight suit.

xoxoxoBruce 07-11-2016 10:58 PM

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I can't imagine the hours spent polishing, and maintaining that shine, on this P-51C Mustang. :eek:

Gravdigr 07-11-2016 11:14 PM

Ooh, shiny!

xoxoxoBruce 07-13-2016 02:49 PM

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Travel! Excitement! See the world! Serve the Fuhrer!
Join the elite Zeppelin Corps as a mechanic!

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