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DanaC 06-29-2017 03:35 PM

xoxoxoBruce 06-29-2017 03:49 PM

I've heard the Aussies use it too.

xoxoxoBruce 07-07-2017 05:23 PM

This clock is a tribute to the people working behind the scenes to make the airport run smoothly.

xoxoxoBruce 07-10-2017 12:51 PM

Those guys are going to hell for this.

xoxoxoBruce 07-13-2017 11:21 AM

This woman is amazing, she should look like she's wearing black&blue long underwear from bruises.

Happy Monkey 07-14-2017 02:23 PM

From the excellent show Legion

Gravdigr 07-16-2017 01:04 AM


I want one of them.

Happy Monkey 07-16-2017 01:46 AM

What? An animated clock, devil baby, dead woman, or an Aubrey Plaza?

xoxoxoBruce 07-16-2017 08:19 PM

Shit happens, more often if you're stupid...

Pico and ME 07-16-2017 10:01 PM

I miss Legion. Gonna have to watch it again while I wait for season 2.

Pico and ME 07-16-2017 10:03 PM

I want to know what happens to the guy hanging from the bridge, but either I missed it, or it wasn't on that video.

xoxoxoBruce 07-17-2017 12:35 AM

I don't think they showed him, Pico.

Pico and ME 07-17-2017 01:37 AM

See, I hate when they do that. :p:

Gravdigr 07-17-2017 01:11 PM


Originally Posted by Happy Monkey (Post 992411)
What? An animated clock, devil baby, dead woman, or an Aubrey Plaza?

One them AubreyPlaza/LennyBuskers. Actually, I need two of 'em. So they have someone to talk to after I pass out from exhaustion/thirst/starvation.:p:

xoxoxoBruce 07-30-2017 12:24 AM

An ISIS bomb car threatens an Egyptian convoy, but a tank takes care of that. wait till the end.
And of course embiggen if you can.

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