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xoxoxoBruce 05-22-2017 11:41 PM

England seems to be on a slippery Slope
I was looking at pictures of a 100 year old metal lathe and follow the link to get more information which turned out to be this site.
Never did find the lathe but the site owner has been tracking England's slide for years.

There's a lot more at the site.

Chip shop sign saying “English owners” deemed controversial
Racist to fly the British flag in Britain
English people in Cumbria told to remove English flags because they offend immigrants
English council workers banned from displaying English flags on their private vehicles
English motorist stopped by police for displaying English flag: told to remove it because it’s racist
Council refuses to fund English parade because they consider it to be racist
Taxi drivers accused of racism for saying they speak English
U.K. government spends virtually nothing promoting St.George’s Day, but finances other national celebrations
Welsh police cheif asks English people not to display English flags because it’s offensive and could lead to racism and violence
English schoolchildren punished for wearing clothes with the English flag, or for even being dropped off cars with the English flag
English council won’t fly English flag (in England) in case it offends Muslims
Englishman ordered to cover up English flag design on his front door, because it’s offensive
English families ordered to take down “offensive” English flags from their houses
Indigenous English builders ordered not to fly the English flag in case it offends Muslim immigrants
Indigenous English prison staff ordered not to wear English flag pins in case it offends Muslim immigrants

There's links for all these headlines at the site.

Pi 05-23-2017 01:19 AM

Well there is a difference between St George's Cross and the Union Jack.
But then again the slippery slope is, I guess, the mounting nationalism and far right thoughts of some English people.

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