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sexobon 12-24-2017 05:29 PM

Wasn't he supposed to shout "PARKOUR" or something?

DanaC 01-06-2018 03:16 PM

The point he makes at the end is mindblowing.

And this is really interesting:

BigV 01-11-2018 12:39 AM


Originally Posted by xoxoxoBruce (Post 999918)
I heartily agree with this video. embiggen



DanaC 01-11-2018 02:48 PM

Glad you quoted, V, I missed the first time Bruce posted it. Love Jackie Chan

(eta - just saw V's sig - *snickers*

DanaC 01-17-2018 05:04 PM

Wow. Not often you get to see this kind of oratory and passion in politics.

Clodfobble 01-18-2018 05:59 PM

Meh. His points are 100% valid, but the passion is performed. He wants to run for president as much as Jeff Flake does. The only truly great unscripted moment in that video is when he says, "You're under oath," and she squirms like a whore in church. She knows she's lying.

xoxoxoBruce 01-18-2018 09:25 PM

Me thinks I prefer scripted to off the wall from my politicians.

DanaC 01-19-2018 06:09 PM

Some bits of it seemed scripted - like any good speech - but a lot of it seemed less scripted than very considered.

xoxoxoBruce 01-27-2018 05:26 PM

Build a cardboard bicycle...

DanaC 01-30-2018 03:57 PM


Originally Posted by xoxoxoBruce (Post 1002976)
Build a cardboard bicycle...

...because why the fuck not?

DanaC 01-30-2018 04:10 PM

I came in here to post this before I got distracted with that...

If you get a chance to watch the full original interview they're talking about at the start, I highly recommend. It is a fucking car crash of an interview that provides a masterclass by the interviewee in staying calm and reasoned . I've tried to find a clean copy of the full interview but the only one I can find is a channel 4 one so probably won't play.

Here's a clip though:

I seriously wanted to slap the interviewer on multiple occasions throughout the near 30 minute full interview - Peterson handled it beautifully.

xoxoxoBruce 02-10-2018 07:07 AM

Lightning boils a creek...

Clodfobble 02-10-2018 07:27 AM

Wow, look how low it went over the ground. You can see some animals under the surface got boiled, too. Crocs or hippos, I wonder.

DanaC 02-10-2018 07:40 AM

Truly awesome.

xoxoxoBruce 02-10-2018 07:48 AM

Yeah, but it's not lightning it's a controlled explosion according to Snopes.

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