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BigV 09-20-2020 07:14 PM


We're closed again.

See y'all next time!

monster 10-10-2020 09:08 PM

prob needs to happen tomorrow? maybe? perhaps?

Griff 10-11-2020 12:12 PM

I'm down with that.

lumberjim 10-11-2020 12:29 PM

Someone text me if it does, I'll try to get on for a bit. Cleaning house today and stuff

monster 10-11-2020 12:36 PM

I think it might be happening next week?

limey 10-11-2020 02:48 PM

Yep - next sunday 10pm UCT, whatever that is in your time zone.

fargon 10-11-2020 03:49 PM

4:00 PM CDT

fargon 10-11-2020 03:50 PM

I'll actually be there this time.

lumberjim 10-11-2020 04:07 PM

I think I'll be at tm he boss's party, but if I get bored, maybe you'll get a peek at his basemen man cave.

limey 10-17-2020 04:32 PM

Virtual Forks
Sorry for short notice. How about a virtual forks tomorrow? 10pm UTC, whatevs that is where you are?
PM me for zoom details but they are as before.

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monster 10-17-2020 04:49 PM

It's not short notice -you confirmed it on the 11th. planning on being there!

monster 10-18-2020 04:07 PM


limey 10-18-2020 05:09 PM

We had a lovely time. all 2 of us! [emoji38]

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monster 10-18-2020 05:17 PM


Originally Posted by fargon (Post 1060059)
I'll actually be there this time.

your extreme stealth was noted ;)

limey 10-18-2020 06:14 PM

Next Virtual Forks 20th December, 10pm GMT. As near as I could get to winter solstice.
Put it in your diary!

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