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monster 02-28-2016 06:14 PM

International Googly Eye Day
I am starting a campaign for International Googly Eye Day to be celebrated on April 6. Spread the word. It would be appropriate to send cards and amusing token gifts with googly eyes, and also to eye-bomb the shit out of everything. As the holiday catches on, I expect edible googly eyes to become a thing and there will be cake. Eyebombing will become a competitive, with points for creativity, element of surprise, humo(u)r and sheer aesthetic pleasure.

Googly Eye pasties (stripper not Cornish) might be a step too far?)

xoxoxoBruce 02-28-2016 10:16 PM

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Not a stretch to add googly eyes.

monster 04-07-2016 01:05 PM

Check out that monkey!

fargon 04-07-2016 01:45 PM

What monkey?

Gravdigr 04-07-2016 01:50 PM

Yesterday, Int'l Googly Eye Day, the monkey on the Cellar header had googly eyes.

Gravdigr 04-07-2016 02:25 PM

Aaaaaaaand they're back!


monster 04-07-2016 05:59 PM

UT rocks. that is all :)

Undertoad 04-07-2016 11:36 PM

Let's give em another day

T'won't be special if they're there all the time

sexobon 04-08-2016 02:35 AM

"These new contacts are great! I can make out the letters on the typewriter keys and finally write that screenplay."

Gravdigr 04-08-2016 11:18 AM


Originally Posted by sexobon (Post 957028)
"These new contacts are great! Where did all these fuckin' monkeys come from?"

Fixed it.

limey 05-25-2017 03:35 PM

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Here's one for ya!
(from here).

monster 05-25-2017 09:02 PM

Eyebombed so many things today. notably trashcan in doctor's room and cooker hood

monster 05-25-2017 09:03 PM

(beest has been in the kitchen since the latter but haven't heard any exclamations of googlyeyeness......)

xoxoxoBruce 06-07-2017 01:28 AM

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Here's a whole choir in desperate need of Googly eyes.

BigV 06-07-2017 07:11 PM

The Steely-Eyed Canoneers.

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