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Originally Posted by lookout123
i'm just not prepared to watch for the falling sky.
Long ago there was a beautiful Indian princess, Shining Star, who had reached the age of marriage. Three young braves vied for her hand -- Running Bear, Tall as Tree, and Falling Rock. But Shining Star was wise. All three were strong and handsome, but she wanted more to know what was in their heart of hearts.

So she put to them a task. Each one must travel. They must bring back the most brave and free creature they could find.

After many weeks, Running Bear returned with a large stag that he had managed to kill with just his knife and his cunning. Shining Star respected his gift, but waited to see what the others would bring.

After much more time, Tall as Tree returned. On his shoulder was a magnificent eagle. Tall as Tree had befriended the eagle and it traveled with him now as a companion. Shining Star could see that Tall as Tree had been wise, for the eagle had been brought back, but was still free.

They waited many more seasons but, sadly, Falling Rock never returned. In the end, Shining Star married Tall as Tree. But she always wondered what fine and wonderful thing that Falling Rock would have brought back. After years, the travels of Falling Rock became legend. Some still wait for him to return. And that is why to this very day, if you look you can see the signs... that say "Watch for Falling Rock".

All right, all right. It's no sillier than lookout's story.
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