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Originally Posted by tw View Post
Everything you posted had been answered in posts preceding.
You, sir, are a liar. I know it. You know it. Everyone who has bothered to read the threads knows it. You are a little bitch who throws around figures and your opinion demanding that others accept it as fact because you type it over and over again in your broken english without any consideration that you might be incorrect. When an alternative view is presented you attack the poster in your punkass passive aggressive manner. When they respond directly to your posts you throw a hissy fit about their emotional stability to draw attention away from your inability to support your ideas with relevant facts. When someone asks you a question you only have two responses, A) quit visiting the thread until you think people have forgotten about it, or B) you puke out irrelevant crap about GWB and mental midgets.

TW, I'm calling you out. You're a liar. You're a pussy. You've got no spine. You've got no integrity. You're the type of chickenshit that in real life wades into a discussion spouting bullshit only to piss down your leg when someone with integrity and a brain questions your ideas. TW, you are my Bitch.

I challenge you right here right now to refute what I've said. Sadly, I don't think you have the cajones to even try. I expect you'll respond with some drivel about emotional posting and insults. Sadly, you'll be wrong about that too. I'm not angry or upset. I'm weary. I'm saddened that new dwellars will see your post count and seniority in the cellar and be lulled into thinking you are worthy of respect. I find myself puzzled that a ridiculous little cunt like you has managed to survive in the cellar this long without running off in a temper tantrum. Then I remember that you're so disconnected from reality that you probably don't even realize what a pathetic little fuck you are. I'm sure that next you'll spin off into half-coherent gobbledy gook and pretend that it is perfectly logical. You'll sit smugly and think about how you showed me. You pathetic, delusional little bitch.

Go ahead, show me I'm wrong.
Getting knocked down is no sin, it's not getting back up that's the sin
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