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Re: 2/23: Inside of Earnhardt car

Originally posted by russotto
Comparing a NASCAR car to a CART car is a bit ridiculous. They're entirely different designs. Earnhardt apparently died not due to tobacco (also a sponsor of CART), nor alcohol, nor to a lack of innovation, but due to a harness that broke.
I see. CART does not use harnesses? Therefore a harness broken harness in a CART car kills noone? Phoeey. CART harnesses must handle almost twice the energy levels of a NASCAR racer AND don't fail.

The cars are "entirely different designs" that happen to race on the same tracks, ride four wheels, powered by piston engines, steering wheel manipulated by a human driver.... Different designs that do the same thing - except NASCAR does it slower. NASCAR races with less energy (lower speeds), provide greater separation between the driver and concrete/asphalt, drop more responsibility on a driver to check out and replace his safety equipment AND, ... have higher fatalities than all other big racing circuits combined.

Earnheardt death was accurately traced directly to NASCAR attitude - especially recent changes designed to increase conjestion and crashes. Harnesses don't break on their own. It takes human failure to have a harness break in a race.
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