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Dec 20, 2009: Model Fighters

Retired dentist, Young C. Park, caught the model airplane bug as a boy, growing up in Hawaii. He continued to build and fly kits his whole life. But when he retired, he wanted to combine his fascination for aluminum, with his love of fighter planes. He decided to build models of the F-4U-D Corsair, and later the P-51 Mustang, out of aluminum the way they were built originally.

Using tweezers, which show the scale, the controls can be moved. All the controls work as designed, by cables, chains, linkages and levers, even the ones that work the wing control surfaces.

While the are not exact, they are as close as he could come without the original drawings and dimensions. More importantly they have the right look, and give the right vibe, to anyone familiar with these planes.

There's the whole story and a ton of pictures here.
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