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The subject of this story is now 15… .perhaps I should tell him of it soon but it happened.. he said this when he was about 5…

My wife gave his mum some little floral scented sachets…. You know the nasty things… They smell of Roses, Lavender, Thyme, etc…
Well as they lived near a housing estate with streets named after Lavender, thyme, etc this little boy picked them up one by one and said this is like the street(rue) Lavender, and this one is the street Thyme and as he got to the last one he said this must smell like… and just gave the name of his street.

They live (then and now) on “Chemin de Poussy”

And yes you pronounce Poussy pretty much like you think.
My wife, our friend and myself just spit laughing.
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