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Originally Posted by glatt View Post
It's not even a year later, and 2.5 of the 5 LED bulbs I bought have failed. The 0.5 failure is that 2 of the 4 filaments of one bulb have stopped lighting up. I think there is a poor electrical connection somewhere in the bulb and it gets strained somehow over time and breaks. The filaments flicker a bit and then stop working altogether.

I can't recommend these bulbs any longer. At $12 per bulb, the price is simply too high to be replacing them after 10 months. The claim was 15,000 hours of operation and the real world results are 500 hours or so. I'd be ok with them if they were $1.
Is there a dimmer switch involved? I've heard that LED's do NOT like them. Same with fluorescents.
As an aside, there is a really weird man in the shop next to my office who is a hoarder. He has a few hundred boxes of 100W incandescent bulbs. I bought him a pizza for 4 boxes. I am in Heaven! I can see again.
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