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Originally Posted by TheMercenary View Post
No, the ones of him when he did the skit on SNL.
The photo is a fake..
One of numerous retractions....

"Last week I posted a blog about comedian Al Franken joining the Senate (here), including a picture of Franken wearing bunny ears and a diaper.

Franken did many things on Saturday Night Live that could be embarrassing to a Senator. But apparently, that was not one of them. It turns out the picture was photoshopped.

We don’t knowingly run false pictures, so I took it down and replaced it with another goofy picture of Sen. Franken…"
...but no surprise that gullible morons like you believe it because it fits your agenda.

But still not as ignorant as your Hitler/Nazi references to another member of Congress.

One can only wonder how low you are willing to sink to perpetuate bullshit that you find on the net in you never ending quest to slime those with whom you disagree politically.

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