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But thinking on this a little further, there are A LOT of really good points in those bullets that a conscientious person should seriously consider implementing into the way they do things. They are a recipe for success.

I actually saw this video yesterday, and before I saw this post today I was thinking about it again.

I was performing a task at work, and it was a multi-step task, just like one of those later bullet points. I had left two of the steps for today. It was kind of nagging at me overnight. I hadn't written it down on a to-do list, so it was just in my brain. It was trivial. I had done the lion's share of the work yesterday by completing some forms and getting them authorized. But I was procrastinating on scanning a copy of the forms for my records and submitting the forms for processing. So I was thinking about how I shouldn't have procrastinated and just done it all.
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