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It's good to be the king.

The shop looks awesome. The crew probably is great to work with. I think I'd fit in well.


Where do new ideas come from? No creativity? Maybe I won't fit in. Whose idea was it to have clear shrink tube in the first place? We have black and red and more black... dang. None of these are good... ?

What happens when unforeseen circumstances make the instructions inapplicable? "I don't understand" might not cut it.

I could go on with examples of my objections to this particular bullet, but I won't.

Where is the motivation for everybody not the chooser of tasks? I got these rules, I have these extended tasks, I'm done, I guess I'll just wait around. I've been micromanaged before, it sucks. I'd rather have responsibility. And I recognize and accept that that comes with the responsibility for mistakes.

Regarding the small monetary penalties, I also agree that the fines for transgressions are arbitrary. Why double? Because multiplying by two is kinda easy? pffft. Somebody transgresses ten times for the same thing... there's a bigger problem there. The rule or the person needs to be reevaluated. What happens when you turn it up to eleven???

Guy's got some *serious* control issues. Two separate bullets for acknowledgements *and* receipts? "Never say what you can email."? "The reverse is true when weaseling." I guess there is room for creativity.

Lists are good, I love lists. But they should not be immortal, "Your list is your future and your past"? My near future and my recent past, maybe. "You will justify your actions through a carefully updated list." Well, if the action/item/result isn't justification enough, what the hell is the use of the list?

But who's quibbling?
Also a very stable genius.
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