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Originally Posted by BigV View Post

Where do new ideas come from? No creativity? You should rewatch that section. At first I felt the same way as you, but then he goes on to explain that it refers to not departing from established procedures on a whim, in other words, don't fix what ain't broke. There is a time and place for creativity, but not when it comes to working to spec.
Maybe I won't fit in. I think that is the crux of the the whole ten bullets, see James Brown post ^

Whose idea was it to have clear shrink tube in the first place? We have black and red and more black... dang. None of these are good... ? OK you are really reaching here. Perhaps they are color coded by size or gauge or temp. Who knows? The point is they have a system, it's been thought out and worked out and allows them to achieve the results they are after.

What happens when unforeseen circumstances make the instructions inapplicable? "I don't understand" might not cut it.[b]Really? Were you pouting when you wrote that? You're smarter than that, V. /B]

I could go on with examples of my objections to this particular bullet, but I won't.

Where is the motivation for everybody not the chooser of tasks? VISA
Master Card, Rent, Student loans... Like the old movie joke, Actor: :But what's my motivation?" Director: "Because I said ACTION!"
I got these rules, I have these extended tasks, I'm done, I guess I'll just wait around. I've been micromanaged before, it sucks. I'd rather have responsibility. And I recognize and accept that that comes with the responsibility for mistakes.

All of the rules are about accepting responsibility and being accountable.I'm not sure where you got the idea that you are supposed to wait around with your hands in your pockets.

Regarding the small monetary penalties, I also agree that the fines for transgressions are arbitrary. Why double? Because multiplying by two is kinda easy? pffft. Somebody transgresses ten times for the same thing... there's a bigger problem there. The rule or the person needs to be reevaluated. What happens when you turn it up to eleven???

It seems pretty obvious to me that the doubling rule, while Draconian, serves to weed out the forgetful/inattentive/not suitable for this line of work. There is a vast gulf between the temperament of machinists and framers. neither is suited for the other's work.

Guy's got some *serious* control issues. Two separate bullets for acknowledgements *and* receipts? That confused me as well, but communication seems key in that business* otherwise, oops! Why is the orbiter heading away from Mars? "Never say what you can email."? "The reverse is true when weaseling." I guess there is room for creativity. Yep!

Lists are good, I love lists. But they should not be immortal, "Your list is your future and your past"? My near future and my recent past, maybe. "You will justify your actions through a carefully updated list." Well, if the action/item/result isn't justification enough, what the hell is the use of the list? I heard that more ominously as "Your future with this company...

But who's quibbling?
While I don't subscribe to everything in the video I find it a great foundation for achieving a certain type of order and functionality that can be applied to all aspects of life. Personally, I could benefit by observing a number of those precepts in mine.

I like a good debate, it explores other perspectives.

All that being said, I just bothered to go to his website and now I feel a bit foolish, because I suspect the whole video was somewhat tongue in cheek. Hard to say, but one of his sculptures is entitled "Barbie Slave Ship" and I wish the photos were bigger.

* I guess considering the source, in this case, adds insight and perspective. I must say, for a sculptor, he is fucking tidy and more than a bit in controoooolllllll which made more sense when I thought he was making shit for NASA.
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