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Whatever comes of this, UT, I think it is a good idea to have a separate thread to suggest and discuss ideas for new forums.

So, to toss a couple of ideas out for feedback or attack, here's some thought's I've been having on the subject.

Conspiracy Theories

We got a taste of that recently, when Griff raised a bogus conspiracy about GWB and spousal abuse.

But there is some controversial stuff floating around out there, like Oliver Stone's thoughts on bin Laden conspiracies.

Then there's the whole Enron thing ramping up. Could be another Watergate.

Civil Liberties

Could include threads on Wrongful Convictions, Death Penalty, Racism.

Law & Order

Peace, order and legislation. Not the TV show.

(While I'm on that topic, someone should start a Thread about the Boob Tube in Entertainment to go alone with the music, gaming and movies threads. I'm surprised it isn't there already.)

The opportunities may be to add some broader threads to the existing Forums, as well.

And now I'd like to listen...
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