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Hangin' Out

Obviously, its a big part of this community (as one finds buddies and "shared interest groups") to just drop into the Cellar for some mindless chat. It's socializing. It's good. But it can become too personal, and limit participation by others. And yet the "visit" sometimes happens in the middle of a thread which is advertised by its title to be for some other completely different discussion. I think it is the absence of a place to satisfy the need to socialize, that causes some threads to digress into some sort of IM thread between buddies, completely off topic. It's not enough to say to newbies, that the in crowd has been doing this for months now. That worked when the in crowd was the whole crowd. But that can break down the community into factions.

Every community needs a Drop In Center

Another idea, (stolen from Jack Cafferty on CNN) is:

What I don't get ...
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