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Originally Posted by SamIam View Post
IM, it must be a personal power that takes direct interest in you, your sobriety and your life. That's the biggest catch for me. Too many truly awful things go on in this world and have gone on in the past. I cannot turn my life and my will over to a higher power which allowed the holocaust, for example. It just does not compute.
I don't recall ever seeing anyone keeping score of what you choose to represent your higher power. I don't know what you mean "personal" power. Personal power cannot be the love of your family?

Certainly, I know that part of the program is giving up the belief that you are so truly unique that the program isn't for you, couldn't possibly help you. You have to set aside a bit amount of egocentricity and pride to truly believe that you are powerless over alcohol or drugs, just like every other person in the room.

No, I don't believe it works for everyone. I do think that there are a fair amount of people on earth who are able to quit for a hundred other reasons, and I think that there are a fair amount of people who don't really want to quit and who like to think the rock they hit was the bottom...

I'm glad for those who conquer the demon in whatever way they can. For some the only way they can is AA. The only way they can get sobriety, and keep it, is to keep 'working it' as they say.
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