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Today I am having my leaving lunch at Halli, which is our local vegetarian restaurant. Not only is the food mouthwatering, but the service is great and the staff are friendly and personable. They have a remarkable memory for customers' faces. I went in with my parents when they came up at Christmas, and when I went to book this meal (over 2 months later) the waiter asked whether my parents had enjoyed themselves.

Anyway - I'll be having the Lunch Special
Halli Special Thali
Traditionally, Indian meals are often served in a thali (a large rimmed plate) lined with katories (small bowls). Halli special thali have palaya, cooked vegetables, soup, yoghurt, sambar and dessert in the katories accompanied by poori/chappathi and rice. The katories prevent the food and flavors from mixing with each other
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