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Bike rookie here. Son of V has recently graduated to two wheels only, on purpose and in control! Now I have a new riding buddy! Promise to post in "my kid doing something cool" soon.

Anyway, I want a bike to ride with along with him, and I know very little about bikes. I would like some input from knowledgable veterans like y'all.

Some particulars that may help narrow the focus. I'm 6'4", 250#, and I don't intend to race the bike, or make cross country trips with it. I would like to be able to follow my son wherever he may ride on his little dirt bike (Giant 145?). Off pavement travel is highly likely, so those reeeeeeeally skinny tires don't seem appealing. I would like to have something that I could ride to work, 10 miles each way, urban traffic/bike lanes, some hills (Seattle). Oh, and I'm cheap. I will definitely be looking for a used bike, but I don't know this from that to look for.

We're involved in scouting and on many trips, the bikes come along camping with us. I'd like something that I can participate with.

What buzzwords features traps luxuries warnings makes models styles sizes accessories etc should I be aware of? Plus all the stuff I left out?

Thanks very much in advance.
Also a very stable genius.
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