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They're such extreme positions though. Someone finding me attractive isn't an imposition. Never had a problem with men looking at me.

If a woman I did not know, had never met, and had no social context for interaction with, initiated a conversation with me, out of the blue, by telling me I was too skinny - I'd find that an imposition. Quite a few random blokes, over the years, have felt quite comfortable in telling me, a total stranger, how much they like a particular body part, how much better I'd look if wore a short skirt, or that I should get some meat on my bones (actual phrasing).

A total stranger shouting things at you in the street isn't nice. The lads, and indeed grown men, who engage in that kind of nonsense need a lesson in manners - and who the fuck knows, maybe even empathy. And I get that sometimes it may be hard to know what signals (if any) are being put out - that not everyone is equally adept at reading social cues - but headphones on, collar up, head down and eyes on the pavement is not easily misread as interested in interaction. That's what I mean by imposing - often quite literally. That doesn't mean any social interaction from anybody at that point is an imposition - but it is really not the time to make a romantic approach and certainly not a time I'm likely to give a flying fuck what a total stranger thinks of my tits.
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