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You think I have no idea about shelter cats, Bruce. You never bothered to inquire whether I've adopted any.

You're so sure I have a thick skull that you really believe I don't know what 'real' cats are like. From my experience with shelter cats, feral cats, and purebred cats, I can tell you things about cat psychology that you haven't the least clue about.

Yes, feral and shelter cats are fucked up, because they've been fucked over by the human species. They're a pseudo-somewhat-domesticated version of bigger cats that never trusted humans, and when they're fucked over by humans once again, why, they escalate to whatever it takes to protect themselves.

They're not dogs. They don't roll over in the face of aggression; they escalate. You will never resolve a 'situation' with a cat by becoming aggressive, even if that means just raising your voice. They aren't wired like dogs.

I've had dozens of 'real' cats, twelve-toed barn cats, black amazing mousers, cats that live in the barn, the feral queen who jealously guards her kittens. What makes you think you're the King of Knowing About Cats?

No, I'm not some Queen with Blizzaks who doesn't know the first fucking thing about cats. I've spent more time with them than you ever will. I've rescued more kittens than you ever will, I'm willing to bet. I don't buy the invalid argument that we should all give up on cats because so many fucking ignorant and greedy people refuse to neuter and spay. Should we just accept that the worst of random feral offspring are all that should represent domesticated cats and dogs? Or should we continue to push for spay/neuter programs and come down hard on the assholes who let unneutered/unspayed cats run around freely breeding?

Responsible people neuter and spay their cats (and dogs). I made sure my kittens were spayed/neutered. But you don't want to hear about that; you think everyone who is responsible with respect to cats is an elitist. No.

My cats stay with me when I'm sick. Cats are well known to do that.

Fuck you very much as well, Bruce.

eta: the crisis of shelter pets/kittens/puppies arises entirely out of the transgressions of ignorant, asshole people who are too lazy to spay/neuter their pets and who then dump them in the ditch, with random acquaintances, etc. These are HUMAN problems, not cat/dog problems. REAL cats are fantastic; abused PTSD cats, not so much. Why are you blaming them, or blaming me for producing loving, attached kittens who become lifelong companions?

Abuse the ones who deserve it: the asshole humans who abuse and abandon dogs and cats every day. THEY are the assholes who don't know what a real dog or cat is like.

And don't present yourself as the champion of all domesticated cats, while simultaneously presenting them as psycho-buzzsaw homicidal killers. I'm glad you and grav and others have taken in feral/damaged cats. You guys deserve a big high-five. You're good guys for doing that. But don't confuse having taken in feral/damaged cats with the 'reality' of most domesticated cats.
And, I'm done.
The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated. - Ghandi

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