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Cat fight!
Thread drift back to original ; There are coyotes here bobcats, foxes and almost every kind of water fowl. The latest are the sandhill cranes that stand almost 4 ft tall and make a hell of a lot of noise. My friend came to pick me up one day and could not believe the racket early in the morning. She was also treated to the sight of a bald eagle and I can't tell you how rare that is as well as some white swans and coots.
I came home from buying feed the other day and a pheasant was out near the road strutting around with his 3 ladies. These are all common sights for me. I am also pretty sure by the tracks he leaves there is a coy dog living near by we only see him once in awhile at night in the glare of the headlights. My cattle dog will soon be old enough to be out on his own and he will drive him off.

side note: I have had all kinds of cats the buzz saws and the couch ornaments, as far as my options go I like couch ornaments. [/ of opinion no one asked for]
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