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I will bet both balls and all of my cock that those "special kittehs" will claw you to fucking ribbons and smile the whole time.

And, Ortho, if you still refuse to acknowledge that fact, well, you're just refusing to acknowledge facts.

That's where all this started. We said "cats scratch" you said 'no they don't. y'all got poor people's cats. rich people's cats are purebreds and don't scratch." Which is complete and utter bullshit. We've had purebreds, paid for them, too. They scratched every bit as much as the adopters, and adoptees. That's because they're cats.

And everyone who has ever owned a cat of any kind is asking themselves why you refuse to admit that cats scratch. And laughing like hell at you.

My cats have always been companions, playmates, not home decor.

Allow me to ask a control question:

Do dogs bite, bark, and/or shit?

I need to know your answer to this question to better react to your assertion about cats.

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