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Originally Posted by BigV View Post
out of sequence update:

Today is Ballard SeafoodFest!

There's a lutefisk eating contest in an hour. I've already signed up and now I have to get there. I'll update you all with my victory speech afterwards! Wish me luck!
I am here to report, regretfully, that I did not win.

I took second place in every round, up to and including the championship round. I lost to an eight time winner, so, no shame there. And I lost by a bare fraction of a second, or flake of lutefisk, as the case may be. Here's the video of the last two rounds. That's me at the far end with the blue bandana on my head.

Still, $150 for about a minute's work isn't bad. Plus, FREE LUTEFISK! Come on people, what's not to like?!

Also a very stable genius.
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