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Originally Posted by HungLikeJesus View Post
From the picture of your house, it's apparent that you don't get much snow. Otherwise you wouldn't have those bushes growing right up against the steps and sidewalk.

How are you going to shovel that?
Yes, Mr Colorado, I know it's not a lot of snow compared to what you get in your area. For us, it's a significant snowfall. In addition to the icestorm following, it was a problem. I just heard on the radio they're closing a major transit tunnel through downtown to clear icicles. Really. That's a new one. Also, the Governor has declared a state of emergency. One of the features of that act means that she can use her emergency powers to temporarily waive the work hours rules for truck drivers transporting dairy products. This means they can drive when available rather than having to stand down for the mandatory rest periods helping to keep the perishable milk from .. perishing?

As to your last question, the answer is downhill.
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