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That would be an interesting process.
'A total of 12 complete M-Gerät were built; besides the two available when the war started, 10 more were built during the war.[1][10] This figure does not include additional barrels; two extra barrels were already available before the war started,[1] and possibly up to 20 barrels were built, though some sources state 18.[3] As the war ground on, several Berthas were destroyed when their barrels burst due to faulty ammunition. Later in the Great War, an L/30 30.5-cm barrel was developed and fitted to some Bertha carriages to provide longer-range, lighter fire. These weapons were known as the Schwere Kartaune or Beta-M-Gerät.[6][11]"
"The Paris Guns hold an important place in the history of astronautics, as their shells were the first human-made objects to reach the stratosphere."
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