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In the US, women's right to vote was rescinded by each state between 1777 and 1807, starting with NY and ending with NJ.
In 1838 KY said, female heads of household in rural areas could vote in elections deciding taxes and local boards.
In 1848 women started having conventions, getting organized and stirring up shit in every state. They chilled during the Civil War.
In 1867 Kansas voted No on women and/or Black Males voting. In 1869 WY Territory voted yes for women.

That got them really fired up and switched from pleading to confrontational tactics.
The 1870 15th amendment says no barring for race, color, or previous condition of servitude, but still allowed for sex.
1870 Utah said Yes, but 1872 Dakota Territory says No by one vote. 1874, MI No, 1875 MI and MN Yes for school board elections

In 1880 NY grants school suffrage to women. 1883 Washington territory says Yes.
1887 women in Utah and Washington Territory lose it, but win Yes in municipal elections in Kansas, But No in RI.
1890 No in SD, Yes in WY and 1893 CO says Yes. 1896 Utah and Idaho Yes, but CA No, and 1902 NH No.
1910 WA state and 1911 CA vote Yes.
All during this time there have been several National leaders and organizations which came and went, merged and split, infighting and arrests, plus anti-suffrage organizations campaigning in some states.
So by the time this picture was taken women were split between the pretty frustrated, and didn't give a shit.
Teddy Roosevelt's third party had put suffrage as a plank in their platform.
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