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Originally Posted by monster View Post
this too. xoB is not the only one here with limited social skills..... if you made a social gaffe, no-one would notice. Unless you posted spamlinks. Here you're more likely to piss people off with a nerd-gaffe. It's like nerve gas for people with stuffy noses.
I don't like spam, canned or electronic I try to only post links I've safely taken my browser to see, and I try to run them through TinyURL to avoid driving people even crazier.

As for a nerd-gaffe, if I KNOW that I KNOW my source material, I'll make a definitive statement. If I have uncertainty, I am more likely to ask questions than pretend to know. The less I lie, sneak, and fake it online, the less my brain has to work to remember who knows what. I'm pretty good with a couple of fandoms, pretty good with gems and geology, and REALLY good with zoology, taxonomy, and domestic animals.

And I used to know a guy who, a decade later, still reminisced about the good old days in his Navy boot camp when he could do the tear gas room as required (mask on, then mask off) and then sneak back in unmasked and hang out in the gas for about ten minutes. He said it was the only time his sinuses were ever clear for more than an hour. Probably shouldn't have settled in Seattle, poor guy--it took more than 5 years here at 4200 or so feet above sea level to get the Seattle mildew and mold out of my sweetie's sinuses. He hardly snores at all any more, and when I met him he snored so bad I was the only girl he'd dated in several YEARS who would even try to sleep over.
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