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I like this ditty.Its great with a bossa nova beat. I first heard it played by Texas guy Gary Primich, but its much older by B. Russell and J.B. Brooks. I think it may have been from an old movie. Any buffs out there know?

"You came a long way from Saint Louis.
You climbed the ladder of success.
I've seen the town and country cars that were parked out in front of your fancy address."

"You came a long way from Saint Louis
And broke a lot of hearts between.
I've seen a lot of gloomy guys that were doin' alright til you came on the scene."

"You came here from the middle west, certainly impressed the population here abouts.
But I've got news for you, I'm from Missouri too, and naturally I've got my doubts."

"You've got 'em droppin' by the wayside, a feelin' I don't wanna know.
You came a long way from Missouri but baby you still got a long way to go."
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