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Originally Posted by DanaC View Post
It's kind of counterintuitive - the US system has a much sharper separation between church and state, yet religion is much more deeply entwined with politics.
Do not assume that volume says most all Americans intertwine religion with law; to be imposed upon others. That minority that would impose their religion on all others is small, belligerent, cantankerous, and argumentative. It is not that more Americans want to impose their religion on all other. It is that this loud minority get overtly reported by propaganda news services such as Fox, Limbaugh, and Breitbart.

Many politicians do what Trump does. Keep throwing things on the wall to see which group gets most inspired. Those politicians probably don't give a shit about the issue - just like Trump. These people, who are really only followers, respond to lies and myths that gain the loudest response. The racist George Wallace was a perfect example. He really was not that racist. He knew how to get elected.

Only people I know who preach religion in their politics are also dangerous to be around after only one or two beers. They are extremely few.

But unlike moderates, they vote religiously - in excess of 90%.
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