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Originally Posted by henry quirk View Post
"There is no available land anymore that's not spoken for. The only way is to have the power to grab and hold from someone else."

Or: Americans could get tired of commies tryin' to leash them. Might take awhile, but it's possible Americans could -- piece by piece -- vote themselves into minimal government. You'll, of course, lose your welfare check. Too bad. So sad. Get thee to a charity.
What welfare check is that? I've been robbed, somebody's stealing my welfare checks!!

Good luck with your pipe dream of breaking away from the USA and forming your little minarchy disregarding state and federal laws. Does the name Warthog ring a bell?

They backed off on the ranchers stealing my grass to prevent bad publicity, but try to take US territory they'll fuck you up.
The descent of man ~ Nixon, Friedman, Reagan, Trump.
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