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Originally Posted by HLJ View Post
skysidhe -- we're in the process of shopping for a new refrigerator - our old one is really old, the temperature is no longer controllable, and all the shelves are always full of water.

I didn't know there were all these new styles (freezer on the bottom, french doors, etc.). What did you get?
This is the one.

The old one had the same problem as yours did. It was very old and lost temperature control. The freezer wasn't separate and didn't freeze.

The new one is a low end Whirlpool. It's not fancy but it's new, keeps the milk cold and the icecream frozen so I couldn't be happier.

If money isn't an object I'd advise you to go with stainless steel and ice cube maker/ water dispenser, french doors,see through crispers but then you'll need to remodel your kitchen around it!

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