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Originally Posted by HLJ View Post
skysidhe -- thanks. This refrigerator should use a lot less electricity than your old one. If you have access to your electric bills from the previous year you should see a decrease of maybe 50 or more kWh per month. (Of course, there are so many factors that this might be hard to notice.)

We're limited in space (~32-1/2 inches wide), but we're hoping to get one with the freezer on the bottom, french doors and no exterior icemaker or water.
French doors are definitely nice and it makes sense the refigerator part should be on the bottom.

Any saved electricity will be good! It's expensive here as it is for everyone these days I am sure.

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I do accept you for who you are.

You process well. I can say I understand and don't understand at the same time. I am glad you can keep your heart under such circumstances where a lesser person might make up excuses in their head that have no basis in reality. It's a hard line to walk I am sure.
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