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The hubby took the boy-child to the supermarket one day when the boyee was about four years old. . . he was in a shooting phase, he would run around with his fingers loaded and cocked, ready for any likely target. So, on the way to the store there's a constant stream of gunfire going on from the back seat, to which the hubby asks, "What are you shooting at?" and the boy announces, "The red cars, I'm gonna get all the red ones!" So after another few minutes, it starts wearing thin on the hubby's nerves, "Why don't you pick another kind of target?"

Ahh, peace at last!

Just a couple more shots fired, and they're at the supermarket. Once they get out of the car, the boy's off again: "bangbangbang!", just as a dark-skinned guy walks out from between two black cars, "I'm shooting the BLACK ones now, Dad!"

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