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I got two-

1)- kinda funny & embarrassing-->My wife has a friend who's husband absolutely can't stop uttering "Fuckin damn" when he gets really riled up. The two kids seemed to let it go right over their heads (3-1/2 and 5 yrs old) until one day last summer she had them at the park, with them surrounded by other kids and her surrounded by mothers, the youngest falls or something and right in front of everyone he goes "FUCKin Damn". She was so humiliated she left. I guess the looks she got from the other mothers were pretty heinous.

2--> Definitely embarrassing--> About 25 years ago, when my buddy and I were about 10, his cousin comes to visit him in Halifax from a very small town in a neighbouring province, where there just didn't happen to be ANYBODY with any color skin except white. They are walking down a very busy street in Halifax, and a black guy is strolling down the other side of the street (only 2 lanes, so maybe 25 feet away). The little cousin was only 8 and didn't realize how evil this next sentence was, so in complete innocence, in front of everyone, he turns to my buddy and says "look, Ted, there goes a Ni**er!" I guess the black guy was literally speechless, and lucky for my friend, he was able to hustle his little cousin away before things got really ugly. Needless to say he wasn't too happy with his uncle and aunt...

On a lighter note- when my daughter was about 1-1/2, we were walking through the local Sears. I am carrying her because we are both looking for Mommy over the tops of the clothing racks, and just as this (gorgeous, BTW) 45-year-old woman walks by, my daughter rips one. And a LOUD one. So guess who looked like the 33-year-old pig standing there farting in Sears? Yah, ME.
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