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This morning my 2 yr old daughter was intently watching my husband shave using white shaving cream. She said he was shaving the snow off of his face. I said in my best mommy tone, "yes, it looks like snow, but he's actually using --sha-ving--cream-- "(emphasizing the new vocabulary words like all the books say...) She looked me straight in the eye and said in her best matter of fact, you don't know WHAT your talking about mom voice, head cocked and bobbing, "No, he's shaving SNOW off". You had to hear it to appreciate it, but what really made me laugh, inside anyway, was how soon I am going to be getting the 'you don't know what you're talking about' tone from her on a regular basis. *sigh*.
Strength does not come from how much weight you can lift, or how many miles you can run. It comes from knowing that you set a goal, and rose to the challenge. Strength comes from within.
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