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Originally Posted by Gravdigr
Perhaps she doesn't want to give birth, or carry a child.

Perhaps she can't give birth, or get pregnant, or carry a child.

There has to be more reasons to have that 'version of the impulse' than I could even come up with, being a guy and all.

Maybe she's a guy. If she doesn't have the gear to produce children, is her impulse still an "intellectualized, morally superior version of the impulse"?

Maybe she's adopted, and wants to pay it forward, so to speak.

My aunt, who was adopted, couldn't have children, and would love to have had her own, but, she has fostered literally dozens of children. She didn't adopt any of them, but all but six chose to stay with her through adulthood. And they still treat her like their mother.

There has to be many, many reasons for one to have that "intellectualized morally superior version of the impulse".

Has to be.

Except she very clearly said, "I really don't want kids."

You're right, she might be a dude, but Charise is a woman's name, so I took that at face value. I could be wrong, sure, about all of it. I got a vibe, is all. The "I don't want kids, but if I did I'd be a better person about it than all you people who do want kids" is fairly common among 23-year-old women. And young gay men, for that matter. The kind of people who refer to people with kids as "breeders."

And like I said, it's totally cool if she doesn't want kids. And it's totally cool if she changes her mind. Life's going to happen to her, one way or the other, so whatever.
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