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I'm obsessed with getting LED bulbs for my candelabra style dining room light. It uses 5 x 60 watt incandescent bulbs and it kills me to be consuming that much power.

The old LEDs I had were problematic. They were too expensive, they flickered like a very fast strobe light, and they got too hot and burned out after less than a year. The flickering was a result of the base being too small to fit a capacitor.

I just found a new bulb that appears to fix all of those problems. These new bulbs ahve the same filament technology, except they have a large metal heat sink above the base. The heat sink disperses the heat, so they should last longer, and the large heat sink is big enough to contain a capacitor that will even out the current and stop the flickering. The price is also much more reasonable at $3.80 per bulb.
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OK. Fuck this filament LED technology in a candelabra bulb bullshit.

In the 6 months since I bought the latest round of LED bulbs that I thought would be good, 3 of the 6 have failed. The candelabra bulb is just too small to dissipate the heat.

So I have moved on to a third style of bulb. This is similar to the Cree that tw recommended. The new kind I am trying have been reviewed by thousands of Amazon customers and most give it great reviews. The few who complain all have the same story. Some bulbs failed after a short while, but the manufacturer was happy to replace them.

So that's who I am going with. They don't look like traditional bulbs, but with a shade over them you can't tell. The color is good. And return instructions are right in the box of bulbs for if/when they fail.
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I've probably spent $100 over the last few years trying to save a few cents of electricity. I feel like a moron. But I am honest with you about it so you don't follow in my path. At least not until I succeed.
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