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I want to make an animated video. free

We (my parkrunning friends and I) want to give an award to someone. this would normally be done in person. None of us like making speeches, let alone being videoed doing so, so I thought about maybe making an animated video, ideally of someone speaking about the recipient then presenting another character with a trophy. But just one person making a speech would work.

A quick google reveals a plethora of options, most free to a very limited extent. I only want to use it this one time, and I don't think it will be viewed by more than a couple hundred people, but it would get posted to a non-private Facebook group so i can't tell. It's fine if it goes away after a few weeks. I don't care if the voice or the actions are robotic. I don't want to give any credit card info or download any dodgy software. Anyone got a recommendation, please?
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