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For me it's all about the song and the artist. I am a big Neil Finn/Crowded House fan. I've had the great pleasure of seeing him in full-blown rocking band format and solo guy-with-a-guitar mode. Eacht ime he's brought something new to the song and the show and I've left feeling musically satisfied.

Live performances now are not as live as we think or wish they were in many cases. Many of the popular divas aren't singing live, they are lip synching. Samples and sequencers are used extensively.

One of my favorite rock bands is U2 and they are studio wankers live. They use lots of sequencers and an extra musician that they keep under the stage. It bugs me because they should be honest about that guy - let him be onstage if he's playing!

Even Paul McCartney let me down with his Back in US DVD - he's not playing bass on Band on the Run even though he wearing one and going through the motions (he gestures to the crowd at one point but the bass line keeps being played).

So, live music now is me and my pals playing in my living room with our acoustic guitars, acoustic bass, laptop snare, shakers, bongos, tambourine and singing. Everything else is completely suspect.
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